Requirements for the labs:

  • Internet access to include access to and to include the ability to access and use the GitHub File Editor.

  • An account on and a basic understanding of how to use GitHub to edit files in the web UI, and create and work with pull requests. If you are new to GitHub or just new to using GitHub pull requests then you should review this GitHub documentation before the workshop.

  • Steps in this lab will be performed with assistance from CloudBees CI managed controller and CloudBees Feature Management account (SaaS), no direct access to AWS account is required. No additional costs incurred on your AWS account to complete this lab.

  • This workshop is targeted for software developers / engineers / DevOps team that familiar with software development life cycle. But you don’t have to be software developers / engineers to complete this lab. Basic understanding of Git operations such as commit and pull requests is recommended but not required.

  • This workshop uses Vue based JavaScript micro blog web application as an example. Knowledge of Vue and Javascript is nice to have, but not required to complete this workshop.

  • Finally, we highly recommend using the Google Chrome browser to work through the lab content.