Learning Objectives

Today we are going to learn the following topics:

  • How developers can use feature flags to decouple deployments from releases.
  • How product teams can employ testing in production and experience improved feedback loops.
  • How team members can leverage GitOps to seamlessly synchronize states of feature flags and have an improved audit trail stored in their SCM.

Workshop Structure

This workshop is broken into the sections list below. Estimated time for completing the workshop is 1.5-2 hours.

  • Prerequisites (5 minutes) Internet access, Knowledge of GitHub and how to edit files, and Google Chrome Browser.
  • Setup (15 minutes) Signup for GitHub and CloudBees Feature Management and connect to the GitHub App.
  • Creating Flags (15 minutes) Connecting code to CloudBees Feature Management dashboard
  • Gating Code (10 minutes) Define a new flag and set its default value in the code.
  • Flag Configuration (15 minutes) Define a flag configuration in the dashboard that can dynamically control the value of the flag set in the code.
  • User Targeting (10 minutes) Target a specific set of users who can interact with the flag gated component through a defined set of user attributes.
  • GitOps (5 minutes) Set up a bi-directional GitOps process whereby flag configurations can be edited and stored through source control.